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What IS a Cake Ball ?

A cake ball is a decadent combination of  fully-baked cake & frosting, rolled into a ball, and coated in premium chocolate, then decorated to perfection. Many of our flavors also contain crushed cookies, candies, nuts, or a filling!


The outside looks like a traditional chocolate

truffle (but about the size of a golf ball),

but the inside is a super-moist cake ball!

You've never tasted anything like it!

It's cake, frosting, and chocolate all in one

perfectly-portioned little cake ball!

Cake pops are cake balls-on a stick!


Each gourmet cake ball is carefully handmade

from start to finish in a 7-step process.


We take great pride in offering the best cake

balls that you will ever taste. They are perfect for gifts, events, or for yourself! We offer over 200 flavors, carrying 20-30 flavors per day in our

retail store. We are also pleased to offer limited local delivery service, as well as

nationwide shipping. Try some today!
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